Productive ways to start your day

Productive ways to avoid mindlessly scrolling

Ever find yourself starting your day mindlessly scrolling? You want to stop but you just keep doing it. Are you doing anything productive? Are you using your time wisely? In this blog, we offer productive ways to kick start your day.

This article is here to offer productive ways that help you take control of your time and use it more wisely. Instead of letting technology lead your mind, let your mind lead the way with conscious choices of what you do on your phone. 

This article goes over productive ways to kick start your day instead of mindlessly scrolling:

Elevate – Keeps your brain sharp

This app is all about keeping your brain sharp. It has over 40+ games that are designed to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. It does so by letting you practice skills like math, reading, writing, speaking, and recall. The free version offers 3 random training games a day and shows you your progress in each area. If you love it, you can move on to the paid version but it’s not a must. The 3 daily games are enough to get your mind going. Before each game, you have a choice to switch games if you’d like. You may find yourself liking some games more than others and you have a choice to switch them out.

Elevate in app images - a productive way to start your day

Kai – Your personal wellness coach

A personal wellness coach and journal on your smartphone helps you feel more empowered, less stressed, and happier.  Kai works by asking you daily structured questions based on ACT Therapy. ACT is an acceptance, and commitment therapy, a type of mindful psychotherapy. This therapy helps you stay focused on the present moment and accept thoughts and feelings without judgment. Kai asks daily questions to guide you through proven protocols to shift your way of thinking. The daily practice also helps overcome negative reactions to circumstances. Kai guides you to practice gratitude, focus on good things, define areas of growth, and give affirmations. Additionally, each daily routine is accompanied by an optional breathing exercise for relaxation, focus, or simple mindfulness. These breathing exercises are there all the time and you can turn back to them in other stressful situations throughout your day. Kai keeps your personal journal so you can always look back on your journey. Plus, it checks in to see your level of happiness. The app even offers to spread the love by sharing the good things you’ve said about others.

Kai - a wellness coach that helps you start your day more consiously

Wordle – a fun game that intrigues the brain

Wordle is a game in which you guess the daily word in 6 tries. The aim of the game is to find the five-letter word by guessing it up to 6 times. Each guess must be a valid 5 letter word. After each guess the color of the letters will be revealed to show how close you were to the word. A green letter means that you got the right letter in the right place, while a yellow letter means that the letter is part of the word but not in the right spot. Some people like to share their success, especially if they got it under 3 tries. 

Wordle - a fun game that makes you think.

These were our recommendations for ways to make conscious and intentional choices instead of mindlessly scrolling. The world is full of apps aimed to keep your brain sharp or help with your overall wellness. If you didn’t find these apps helpful, do your research and find the ones that you do like. Make sure you are taking control of your time and making conscious choices. Be the leader of the technology in your hand and not vice versa. 

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