How to verify your Google Business Profile without a postcard?

Have you set up your Google Business Profile (GBP)?

This article is for people that started setting up their GBP, but got stuck on the verification step due to the verification postcard not arriving. If you haven’t set up your GBP yet, go to Google Business to get started. This article goes through the steps of how to verify your Google Business Profile by moving to video verification.

This method is usually good for people that work from home and give a service/product that is either online, delivered, or in person. Their home is not necessarily the only place of their work, unlike a storefront business.

What to do if you have not received the postcard verification?

Google claims to send the verification postcard within 5 business days, in other places it mentions 14 days. But we’ve seen several cases in which it never arrived. We’re not quite sure why this happens, but we’re here to offer a solution. Our goal is to move to Video Verification!

Steps to move to Video Verification to approve your GBP:

  1. You can skip the steps and go directly to google business help. Follow directions from step 7.
  2. Find your unverified business google profile on google. Look for the message about the verification, and click “learn more”.

3. Click “check your verification status”

4. Confirm your email.

5. Select the business you’d like to verify the status for.

6. On this page, click “contact us”

7. Where it says “Tell us what we can help with”, fill out one of these options:

  • Postcard did not arrive
  • I would like to change to video verification due to postcard not arriving

8. Click Next. Than it asks you to choose the best description of this issue. Choose “Fix postcard issue”

9. Google Help gives a list of resources that can help you, skip all of them and press “Next Step”.

10. In the contact options, choose Email.

11. Next it will ask you to fill out a form. The form is long but not all fields are mandatory, so don’t be discouraged. Fill it out and submit it.

12.  Lastly, you must wait patiently a few days or even weeks until you get an email that approves your move to video verification to verify your business. Once you get it, follow the directions on how to set up a live video call. Some days are busier than others, you may wait in line for a couple of minutes or hours, but once the call goes through the verification is pretty easy.

13. Make sure you are ready for the call by following the updated directions in the email. At the time of writing this blog, your workspace was verified by showing the following:

  • Your workspace.
  • Your business signage.
  • The tools you use.
  • If you meet customers at your premises, you will show this public space.

If you use a vehicle for your business, you will need to show the Google specialist:

  • The number plate of your registered motor vehicle.
  • Any tools or other instruments of your trade that you carry.

Good Luck!

Good luck with getting your Google Business Profile approved. For any questions, we’re here to help.

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